Quotes From Customers

     I purchased my first safe from The Safe Store recently and couldn’t be more pleased after it was delivered today. I went in to look around after doing a little online comparison shopping. Stephanie helped me right away and started off by asking what my needs were as well as budget and showed me what would fit those needs. She did not try to up sell me or pressure me into anything that was more expensive. I picked out what I wanted and was out the door within fifteen minutes after paying and scheduling delivery.
     I was pleased to learn that delivery service is by The Safe Store personnel so not to worry about an outside company finding out where you live, what kind of safe you have and what the combination is! Delivery fee is very reasonable, keeping in mind how heavy these things are! That fee is delivery into your home or business and set up, (not just to your door or into the garage like most freight companies). The delivery staff was very friendly and professional. My safe was set up, tested and I was shown the instructions and given an adequate lesson on how to use my new safe before they left.
     Visit The Safe Store! Very friendly service and their prices are competitive.
– Kirke R.

     If you need a safe, this is the ONLY place to get it!! Family owned and operated, they excel in customer service. I never felt pressured to buy or felt like they were trying to make a quick sale. Lots of different safes to choose from, including option for delivery and installment for a very reasonable fee. Go check them out and buy a safe to protect your valuables and a peace of mind knowing it’s the best safe around!
– Collin B.

     I have purchased multiple safes from the Safe Store. If you’re interested in purchasing a safe to protect your valuables or your firearms, seeing the people at the Safe Store should be your first stop.
     They are incredibly knowledgeable about any type of safe that you wish to install in your home or business. Whether it is a large safe built into the wall; a small safe built-in to the floor; or a free standing safe for gun storage, these people know their business.
     Stephanie, Jeff and the rest of the team at the Safe Store go above and beyond to make sure that the safe you choose is perfect for your needs. The best aspect of purchasing a safe from the Safe Store is the after sales service. Whether it is delivering the safe to your home or business, or answering questions after the safe his been delivered, they always treat you like a valued customer.
     Full disclosure. I am not affiliated with the Safe Store nor do I have relatives or friends who work there. I’m taking the time to provide this review because I truly appreciate the outstanding customer service they have provided me following the purchases of multiple safes.
– AZ 2

     I am totally satisfied with The Safe Store. I shopped all over the valley and did my homework. I was a little skeptical when I walked into their showroom. I thought I knew everything there was to know about safes. I was ready and totally expecting an “up sell”. I can’t tell you how wrong I was. I walked in and met Stephanie. I explained what I was looking for and she had 3 or 4 options for me. All were well within my price range. They were not as pricey as I had seen at other places. When I asked about delivery and installation, I was figuring this is where they’re going to hammer me. Again, I was wrong. Much to my surprise, their installation was much less than my own contractor was going to charge me. We scheduled the delivery and installation for a week later at 10 AM. You guessed it right!!!! This morning at 5 minutes to ten the truck rolled up. The crew of two were very professional. They explained everything they were going to do and answered all of my questions. They were very clean and efficient. In the end, they had me open and close my new safe a couple of times. They showed me how to change the combination and again had me open it a couple of times. They were very security conscious…. you could tell this was not their first rodeo. I’m a happy camper. 5 stars all the way.
– TC